How Americans Can Win The War Against Illegal Immigration

How Americans Can Win The War Against Illegal Immigration
Posted on Friday, May 28
Topic: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC May 28, 2010

by William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

The illegal immigration issue is reaching a fever pitch again in America with President Obama pushing for new Amnesty legislation, the state of Arizona setting the bar higher for state enforcement our immigration laws, and the President of Mexico insulting our citizens by demanding that his citizens be immune from our existing immigration laws.

We are now at a critical juncture where the Open Borders Lobby, which is responsible for the non-enforcement of our existing laws, the presence of over 12 million illegal aliens, and all of the lost American jobs, wages, tax resources, property, and lives have put all of their chips in the center of the table.

Every bad actor, Republican or Democrat, has come out of the woodwork to bash Arizona and Arizona’s new immigration law SB 1070 because this bill, and the resulting polls showing 60-81% public support, has thrown a monkey wrench into the plans to grant Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty to 12 million illegals and turn them into voters voters in order to destroy the sovereignty of the United States.

The AZ bill combined with Republican US Senator Lindsey Graham’s rapid departure from the amnesty negotiating table with President Obama seven short days after ALIPAC hit him full force across the bow has virtually destroyed the chances of Amnesty passing in 2010.

President Obama, DHS chief Janet Napolitano, the National Council of La Raza and others continue to speak optimistically about Amnesty legislation because they know that an exodus of illegal aliens is already brewing in America. Reports are coming in from different states that many illegals are leaving due to the bad economy, new state laws, and social pressure from the American public that has become enraged over the foul treatment of Arizona in the press.

Obama and some Republicans are trying to prevent an overt mass exodus and fear that the illegal aliens are going to flee Arizona in large numbers soon. Such a notable exodus would demoralize their Latino voters, the half who supports Amnesty, and cost Democrats even more seats in the 2010 elections. But more importantly, a mass exodus of illegals from the US or even just Arizona would illustrate the fact there is no need for door to door searches, mass deportations, or Amnesty. Enforce our existing laws with local police and illegals start to leave on their own!

So what can the average American do to help Arizona right now? What can each of us do to fight back against such impressive powers arrayed against us? We have President Obama admitting he will ignore his Constitutional requirements to enforce our laws and his political pit bull Janet Napolitano chomping at the bit to use the Federal government, and possibly US troops, to intimidate and suppress conservative Americans!

We must have a political and peaceful REVOLUTION! Revolution NOW AMERICA!

America must get it right in the 2010 elections. That is where we must focus all of our time and resources immediately. Republicans like Dick Armey, Grover Norquist, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain are working behind the scenes to assure that you are forced to chose between one lying Democrat and one lying Republican who will both go to Washington and who will do nothing, or worse: they will vote for Amnesty for illegals in order to turn them into voters.

This is our winning strategy. This is the way we get millions of illegal aliens to leave America forever, with a story for others that breaking into the United States is a very bad idea.

While state legislation is very important and while we are happy with the efforts of our ALIPAC supporters to spread Arizona’s SB 1070 to 18 other states for consideration, at the time of this article, state legislation is not enough.

While rallies and street demonstrations can help, if properly managed, and can be entertaining and cathartic, however, standing in the streets will have little impact on the plans of the Open Borders Lobby.

We want everyone to continue pushing state legislation, attending rallies, calling talk radio shows, organizing friends and neighbors, and engaging in activism efforts, but please join us in making the top priority focus campaigns and elections!

There are too many people who share our goal of securing America’s borders and reversing illegal immigration who are running in different directions. While chaos will continue as things deteriorate inside of America, our job is to unify, focus, stick to our plan, and provide some added structure.

While we cannot do it all, and while there are many great candidates, groups, and activists doing their part, as an organization ALIPAC can influence the national debate and direction of our movement, as we have many times before. In fact, many of you have told us you count on us for the core strategies that can help save America and we are going to work diligently to deliver!

Our objective is to throw an unprecedented amount of incumbents out of Washington, DC by replacing them with candidates who will stand with the American public in support of immigration enforcement, instead of Amnesty.

Many of the candidates will lie profusely, just like John McCain is doing now, and fervently claim they oppose Amnesty.

ALIPAC will be launching candidate surveys soon and begin intensive research designed to try and help voters make good choices.

We have already endorsed 98 candidates for US Senate and Congress. Many of them are the incumbents who are on our side. You will recognize many of them such as Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC), and Tom McClintock (R-CA). Others are challengers like JD Hayworth, who is now within 5 percent points of overtaking John McCain in Arizona.

We want you to begin by contacting the candidates we have already endorsed and provide them with your donations and your volunteer services.

Time and money. Time and money. Our goal is to provide our candidates with as many voters, contributions, and volunteers as possible.

You should check this page often for new endorsements and you can click on their names to access their campaign websites, where you can donate, volunteer, get yard signs, or learn more about the candidates.

ALIPAC has spent the last five years building up a political army of over 30,000 Americans for this moment. We will have many more with us by the time we get to November! We need more of you to lead the way now and to get on board the campaigns.

Think of each campaign as a small organization that needs your donations, your volunteerism, and every voter you can bring in the door. You can go meet other fine Americans on these campaigns, attend meetings, make calls, plant signs, walk neighborhoods, etc…

This is a political revolution, you are in our political army that is marching to victory in 2010. Any American can do what we are asking you to do and we need you to stand up and take action Now!

We will help you each step of the way.

Keep your eye on the prize and imagine what things can be like in early 2011, if we prevail.

Can you imagine a Congress and Senate, where Pelosi and Reid are no longer serving or if they are still there they are forced to the back row to watch in horror as true representatives of the people take up the gavels?

How about someone like Tom McClintock or Joe Wilson as speaker of the US House of Representatives?

In 2011, we need the White House and the treacherous administration of President Barrack Hussein Obama to be encircled by a hostile Congress that sends him the message he will secure our borders or we will impeach all the way down to the speaker of the house, if that is what is necessary to secure America and restore Constitutional governance by We The People!

Yes, this is a political revolution. Yes, you are needed in the campaigns and elections. Yes, we will get you the information and rapid training you need. Yes you can do this! Yes you must do this!

We have fought hard for the last year and a half to give the American public this final chance.

We fought hard to stop Amnesty for illegals and further abridgments of American 1st and 2nd amendment rights. We have held them at bay and with our political tackle of John McCain’s buddy Lindsey Graham, you have your shot America. Don’t let your nation down.

Arizona’s new immigration law will become the trend of the future for America in 2011 and 2012, only if you completely decimate the Open Borders Lobby in Washington DC between now and the elections.

Thank you for your dedication and continued support. It is time to retake the cockpit of our government and take the controls away from the hijackers who are trying to crash our nation.

Let’s Roll!

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