The Planetary Archetypal Situation on 9/11/2001 – By Robert Singer

By Robert Singer

Recently, in one of those coincidences that don’t happen very often, I had my horoscope read by Kristin Reitter, a qualified Astrologer.

I don’t know anything about astrology and it never occurred to me to verify some of my more outrageous assertions, i.e. 9/11 was The Most Important Issue in the History of the Universe with astrologers. [1]

In the middle of the reading of my horoscope it occurred to me that Astology could cast a cloud over my premise that 9/11 was a Metaphysical Catechism (Test).

I was in trouble. No matter what my beliefs about astrology, I could not in good conscience write, 9/11 was The Most Important Issue in the History of the Universe if “The planetary archetypal situation was not dramatically clear.”

I proceeded to ask, “Kristin, wait…before we go any further, I need to know on a scale of 1 to 10 the astrological significance of 9/11/2001.

It was a long 5 minutes as she researched the date and looked at the chart.

When she told me that it was a TEN, she confirmed my belief that 9/11 was metaphysical. I breathed a sigh of relief.

The Basic Archetypal Background of September 11, 2001

“The events are immensely complex, beyond words really, with so many causes, consequences, and dimensions. But the planetary archetypal situation was dramatically clear. In the last few weeks the planetary alignment that represents the heaviest—the darkest, most weighty, mortally serious, historically grave—of all archetypal combinations, the Saturn-Pluto alignment, reached exactitude, an opposition.

The first two weeks of this month in particular were critical, as the Sun and Full Moon moved into a rare and extraordinarily precise grand cross (two oppositions–Saturn with Pluto, Sun with Moon–both 90 degree square to each other).”

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 September 11, 2001” by Richard Tarnas

Robert Singer writes about Secrets, Sentient Creatures and The Federal Reserve at The Peoples Voice and The Market Oracle (

Footnote (actually another post)

[1] My history with the 9/11 Truth Movement goes back to June of 2006 when I learned about the metaphysical explanation of the Twin Towers collapse.

I started writing for the first time in September of 2008 at Opednews (OEN).

When I submitted 9/11 An inconvenient truther’s TRUTH to Opednews, I was considered a featured author. Opednews published 19 out of 19 submissions.

At the time, the site was open to 9/11 conspiracy theories and had a 9/11 Beat (section), headed by Rady Ananda.

I wasn’t brave enough to write 9/11 was a Metaphysical Catechism (Test) so I tried to get the reader to consider that the 9/11 Truth Movement was the cover for another story.

Below is the email exchange about 9/11 An Inconvenient Truther’s TRUTH (title changed to 9/11, What’s Wrong With This Picture?).

December 17, 2008 From: Op Ed News Administrator To: Robert Singer

Subject: OpEdNews Status of article by Robert Singer: 9/11 An inconvenient truther’s TRUTH

You submitted an article titled: 9/11 An Inconvenient Truther’s TRUTH

This article does not report or discuss anything that we consider new or that presents a different perspective (Articles are evaluated by a team of 25+ volunteer editors).

P.S. This is a re-hash of circular logic, rumor, and disputed assertions that have appeared here and elsewhere before.

December 17, 2008 From: Robert Singer To: Rob Kall, executive editor and publisher of OpedNews

Subject: OpEdNews Status of article by Robert Singer

Rob, I have been hearing my writing is too cryptic and subtle. Have you read my 9/11 piece below? It is NEW and not a re-hash, but is very, very subtle. Just curious did you agree with the reviewer?

The article was definitely NOT a re-hash and the content has not appeared “anywhere”


December 17, 2008 From: Rady Ananda to Robert Singer

Subject: review of Inconvenient Truther’s Truth

Hi Robert ~ Rob Kall asked me to review the rejected piece, given that I am the head of the newly created 911 beat.

I agree your theme is subtle, which is probably why it escaped the new editor who rejected it. My take is that you are basically suggesting that because discussion of the 911 conspiracy is so widespread, it is deliberately being orchestrated (encouraged, allowed) as a disinformation campaign to confuse or obfuscate the true facts. The amount of goofy stuff written on 911 certainly supports this theme.

I found your idea very interesting and definitely worthy of publication at OEN. Kindly accept our apologies and resubmit the piece.

Drop me a line as soon as you do and I will jump on the queue and accept it.

There are minor editorial tweaks that need to be done to it. If you can’t spot them yourself, I’ll catch them in the queue.

Thanks for such an interesting theory. Rady Ananda, Senior Editor

The “minor editorial tweaks” involved revealing that 911 was a metaphysical event and I realized it was mistake for me to go that far in 2008.

Dec 19, 2008 Robert wrote to Rady

Rady I made a mistake getting into this. I should have never introduced Judy Wood.

It got you confused and can’t get us where we need to go. You will need to wait until my next piece.

Lets go back to your original assessment, which you agreed to publish.

Rady wrote to Robert

It takes a lot of work to be a writer – no doubt. I’m disappointed you don’t want to work on this together.

The piece as originally written needs to be edited for clarity before it can be published [at OEN].

I retract my (minority) approval of the original piece, given that my understanding of your point was incorrect; and upon closer examination of all the elements of the piece – there are too many stray ideas thrown in that have nothing to do with the theme of the piece.

You hammer the point about the official story being absurd; without any new point being made [note: that was my objective: the reader isn’t ready for a metaphysical point].

I’m sorry, Robert, that you don’t want to rework the piece, it cannot be published as is. ~ Rady

Robert Singer to Rady

Subject: Re: What is wrong with this picture

Rady, I apologize for the confusion but I am convinced my approach is correct. I understand your decision. I wasn’t upset when OEN rejected it the first time and am not upset now. I appreciate the time you took to try and understand my interesting theory.

Are you aware that I never wrote anything until 17 weeks ago? I was forced into writing because when I tried to give my interesting insights away, no one would take them.

I encourage you to take my ideas and write your own piece based on what you have learned.

That would be great, I look forward to it.

Thanks again for your help. [End of email exchange]


December 20, 2008 9/11, What’s Wrong With This Picture? is published as an exclusive at Knowthelies.

The rejection at Opednews and the exclusive at Knowthelies were fortuitous.

Up until that time I was only published at OEN.

9/11, What’s Wrong With This Picture? was picked up by Pakistan Daily, Fourwinds10, Dprogram, Waronyou, Whatreallyhappened and Pakalert press.

My career outside OEN was born.

9/11, What’s Wrong With This Picture?

By Robert Singer

[Authors note] Pakistan Daily, Fourwinds10, Dprogram, KnowTheLies, Waronyou, Whatreallyhappened and other sites have reviewed the content herein and agree the author, Robert Singer, has presented a new and different perspective on the events of 9/11.

And finally a warning from President Bush, “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories” aired on national television after the attacks of 9/11 and right before the Patriot Act was forced down Congress.

Super misinformation.

Google “9/11 conspiracy” and you get 134,000,000 results.
Google “9/11 outrageous conspiracy” you get 556,000 results.

There is a 9/11-truth movement in every major city in the United States.
9/11 conspiracy theories are allowed and even encouraged. Could the 9/11

Truth movement be the cover for another story?

Many official government stories are so ridiculous that a select group of people some call the puppet masters don’t expect you to believe them. Disinformation is misleading information that is true, deliberately announced publicly or leaked by a government or an intelligence agency to sow confusion and undermine credibility. Misinformation is false or inaccurate information, which is deliberately intended to deceive.

September 11, 2001:

According to the government on 9/11, 19 fanatical Arab hijackers, masterminded by an evil genius named Osama bin Laden, crash airplanes into steel skyscrapers because they “hate our freedom to consume” and for the first time in history three buildings collapse at free fall speed due to a jet fuel fire. Jet fuel, which is basically kerosene that burns at about 400c, on 9/11 took on the qualities of an explosive demolition agent, vaporizing 70 tons of aircraft into a puff of smoke and causing 110-story buildings to collapse into a pile of rubble.


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