One Response to “Greek Priest Claims Zionists Control The World”

  1. Timotheus says:

    The great tragedy concerning Zionism and Jews is that these Zionists are such an ignorant, atrociously educated group. They actually believe this imbecilic term anti-Semitism has any substance or legitimate meaning. They actually are also moronic enough to believe that people who supposedly fit this incredibly nebulous, undefinable term Jew are actually a separate race of beings, or possibly a different species. Anyone can call himself or herself a Jew. It gives the person more credibility if he or she has a Germanic last name. He or she can then begin to scream anti-Semitic at anyone for anything.

    Let me enlighten these ethnocentrically bigoted “chosen people.” The term semitic did not exist until a eighteenth century, German philologist coined the term to categorize a group of Afro-Asiatic languages. Since the original Akkadian language did not have written vowels, he stated that they were semi-languages or semi-tic.

    A nineteenth century, German journalist, Wilhelm Marrs, erroneously believed that what he thought of as Jews were a distinct race of beings, engaging in the Orwellian corruption of the term race. He also believed that these Talmudic Zionists were taking over the world’s financial systems. In 1879 he coined the term anti-Semitic as a positive rallying cry to draw attention to this monetary coup. In the early twentieth century, Zionists twisted this epithet into into its absolutely ludicrous antithesis; using it to attack anyone who was critical of Jews. The term anti-Semitic is totally meaningless. All it could legitimately mean is that someone is against a body of languages. Anyone who uses this term is condemning himself or herself as an illiterate, semi-moron.

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