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8 Responses to “Should Masons Get Tattoos?”

  1. Monica Vaughan says:

    I was wanting to know if it would be acceptable among the Masonic community for me (a female) to get the Mason symbol tattooed in memory of my Great Grandfather who was a Mason. I was only 4 when he passed, but him.being a Mason is what I remember most. I remember members from gis lodge being the first ones to offer my Great Grandmother their condolences after his passing. I want to honor him but not dishonor the Masons. Thanks

  2. Bob says:

    Interesting that your lodge says teaches that. Just shows the differences in GLs. You should check out Roni Zulu. He’s a a Past Master and a tattoo artist. Just one of many brothers that are,around here.

  3. Adam says:

    I asked this question myself while planning on my own masonic ink. And the answer I was given was it is no different then a ring or anything else that brothers wear.

  4. Quiet As Kept says:

    Isn’t it supposed to be a ‘Secret Society’? Why all the advertisement? What if they start rounding up Masons like they did back in the day? I think some things are to be kept on the quiet tip. Just my opinion.

  5. Mac Tip says:

    Masons, GD’s, VL’s, Crips, Bloods, hell, Gangs!!!! You wanna rep your set, then do so!!!! I got what I rep tatted above my heart. My thing is, it’s not too much that’s secret about Masons or any other gang now-a-days, I mean, everybody so wide open now. G’s move in silence??? Not anymore… My circle so small it’s practically a straight line because if you can’t walk alone, then you’ll be a FOLLOWER all your life!!! & I’m not in a gang, I just rep My Life!!!!
    YA DIGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Roni Zulu says:

    Would you tear down the face of every public building that has a masonic emblem on it?
    Would you discontinue the manufacturing of masonic rings, ties, pins, etc?
    Would you destroy every masonic symbol that is publicly displayed?
    Would you erase every publicly displayed picture of MW George Washington wearing his masonic apron?
    Would you have those who tried to squash Freemasonry, such as Pope Clement V, Adolf Hitler and, Benito Mussolini be victorious in their efforts?

    Would you drive Freemasonry back into the underground dark ages and bury the light?

    We are taught not to inscribe the secrets of Freemasonry; the emblems in question are not secret. In fact many of them are explained in great detail at Officer Installations and other public events and ceremonies.

  7. Erin Van Zante says:

    Seems to me that the Mason tattoos are applied to youngsters who maybe are not Mason’s at all, but just want to “get a rise” out of dad’s beliefs.
    Perhaps not all, and so that brings one question, and one attempt at Devil’s advocate. How do Mason’s in general, feel about tattoos that aren’t affiliated with the Craft? Are all tattoos frowned opon? Mason’s have always been public, who else does the “secret” hand gestures in photographs? No one. The buildings are clearly labeled, the meetings are in the newspapers, along with members. Obituaries post all the Masonic accomplishments, they even have yearbooks! Whatever “secrets” are going on, well, if you need to know so bad, get acquainted! Go to Masonic museum. Flaunting a tattoo when everything else is so proudly displayed seems unfair.
    So, now, I come to the year 2016, and times have certainly changed a great deal. As have social “norms” in appearance. ESPESCIALLY the younger generations who would think it very odd indeed if you were a thriving musician or a kid of “college bey” material if your skin was plain ol’ pasty-white- or ashy black, or bruised banana. (?!?!!!) not trying to sound racist, just trying to convey that it’s not just white people who have tattoos and would stick out in society from lack of ink. Classically dressed wool and tweed just doesn’t happen for us anymore. Something to ponder…

  8. Erin Van Zante says:

    Hey! How bout it? I’m on a secret society site!
    😍 Just wish my questions could be answered!!

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