2 Responses to “Which Country in the World is Preventing World War III?”

  1. Person says:

    please note if you walk across the street tomorrow are car will hit you, the stop sign was removed by vandals. this is the perfect example for the existence of the bible and others..”A glimpse into the future” Its a guide on how to change or alter an un unforeseen catastrophic event(s) of his miraculous creation. You have to believe that God is too GREAT for brimstone,doom & gloom in his message if it did not serve a purpose. The problem is that we look so deep into the scriptures that we turn it into a video game shooting at everything because we perceived the scriptures as Gods plan for man kind. Better yet how can you say “Truly” in your heart that you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior for dying for all our sins than turn around and say..”Global reports of obvious & pure evil around the world is something God wrote in the Bible” Accepting the scripture as the final will or word for man kind is too easy for God. Fear mongering by thinking you can change people by telling them or dialog, that “what God wrote is man kinds final ultimatum”, its not.Everything that has to happen that is the death or destruction,pain,suffering of man kind does not and should have to happen because God gave us a window into the future and its in that book the Bible that serves as your guide. My only warning to those who ignore the message is this” if you are not compelled to get up and be an agent of change in good will or be a part of it. Than all the bad things that can happen will continue to happen to man kind in the world today. Because we failed to receive the word of God,his guide to us in so many ways & in so many Bibles. If your excuse is “I cant stop those dictators or people with guns and bombs”..God say yes you can!! “I can’t stop earth quakes and global catastrophes” God said, yes you can. ” I can not beat hundreds the anti-Christ’s piling up”. God said ,yes you can!!”I cant afford to keep feeding or giving money to the needy” God said..Yes you can, and its not the degree’s or the house or car that you have but the thing you did for him when he needed you the most.

  2. sitfu.com says:

    Evil is worldwide and most people don’t subscribe to Christianity & The Bible.
    I understand what you are saying, but I think it goes a lot deeper than that.

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