Morgellons: Plague Of The 21st Century


If ever there was a modern day plague, the disease variously known as Morgellons, Myiasis, Myiasin and Karjoo Disease, would overwhelmingly qualify. We’re talking about something straight out of a Frankenstein flick full of overflowing test tubes and newfangled laboratory creations. The only catch here is that the human body has become the test tube; who’s really running the experiment, many of us would like to know?

We’ll address that question further in a future health blog. For now, let’s get down to the business of Morgellons, especially for those who have been led to believe that it is Delusional parasitosis (Per the CDC), Chronic fatigue syndrome, or various and sundry skin diseases. It does have striking similarities to all of these, except the “delusional” part, which is particularly descriptive of those medical practitioners who throw around such disrepectful fallacy.

Morgellons: Plague Of The 21st Century
Taking a Closer Look at the Stories Ignored by the Mainstream Media

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  • danser says:

    Why are Medical Doctors and Dermatologists making psychiatric diagnosis?

    Delusions of Parasitosis, in clinical terms, is a subset of Schizophrenia. In order to have Delusions of Parasitosis, you must first be Does this look delusional to you?diagnosed with Schizophrenia. As far as we know, that happens nearly all of the time. Especially since Mayo Clinic stated publicly the Morgellons disease is nothing more than Delusions of Parasitosis.The CDC also agreed.

    So, how do Medial Doctors and Dermatologists get away with making these diagnosis?

    Well, they just do. And when a Morgellons sufferer presents themselves to these medical professionals and they receive the diagnosis of Delusions of Parasitosis, it is PERMANENT on their medical records. Whenever they go to the doctor’s office, they are treated like they are mentally ill. They are not. These are real people with real medical symptoms that literally steal their lives and leave them hopeless. If you are a woman, are you going out into public with lesions all over your face? Probably not. And when their doctor tells the family that the Morgellons sufferer is delusional, they typically believe the doctor. So, what happens to the Morgellons sufferer? They have just lost all support from the family and their medical doctors. This is a travesty! Morgellons sufferers experience biting and scratching over their bodies, relentlessly, 24/7. Some Morgellons [caption id="attachment_2209" align="alignright" width="113" caption="Baby born with Morgellons lesions"][/caption] sufferers experience open, weeping lesions, often on their hands and legs, but sometimes all over their bodies. They loose cognitive cohesion; brain fog, chronic fatigue, severe depression which, sadly, often results in suicide. There are now cases of death directly from Morgellons disease. We have even seen newborn babies with Morgellons lesions.

    Where is the research?

    I can’t find any real investigative research going on, can you? Our government and our scientists have let us down.

    Shameful behavior towards a Morgellons sufferer in the E.R.
    Today, a man told me that he went to the emergency room with Morgellons lesions all over his face. Even though his insurance was with this particular hospital, the doctors called security and physically lead him out of the ER and told him not to return. He was charged for the full visit. This kind of treatment of Morgellons sufferers is completely unacceptable and inhumane. If you recall when HIV first appeared about 35 years ago, HIV victims were treated pretty much the same way. Shameful.

    There is a way out for Morgellons sufferers

    We have been helping Morgellons sufferers eliminate their symptoms for over 5 years now. There is a safe and effective way of returning to your life without Morgellons disease occupying nearly all of your waking moments.

  • says:

    The CDC thinks people are delusional……

    The CDC suggests that four out of a hundred thousand people — the rate of infection in Northern California — are imagining these filaments into existence.

  • Dr. Rakich, DDS says:

    FYI: Implants are made of Titanium, not platinum.

  • Trisha Springstead RN MS says:

    Thank You for posting my films of sufferers and listening to what people are saying. I have over 35 thousand reporting to me from all over the world.
    This is a spiritual disease, and we must reclaim out bioterrain, within and without, mentally, spiritual and physically.
    We shall not be silenced.
    Love and Light,

  • Trisha Springstead RN MS says:

    PS. I do not have this disease but I have seen many who are so ill.

  • says:

    Yeah, this disease is insane and nobody seems to be able to get a grip on it.

  • Richard says:

    I have/make a product that can help get rid of morgellons. I encounter a lady in 2010 who had morgellons at the time. She show me all the spot that was on her body and wanted to try my product which she did. And after 1 year all the spots where gone. But soon after (5 month) she died of cancer(pc). I have since tried to inform other who has morgellons about my product in the hope I can find some who is willing to get it a try and go the distance in getting rid of it. you can alway contract me by my web site. I would love to hear from some who want to give it a try.

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