2 Responses to “Obama – “I’m The President, I Can Do Whatever I Want’ – Vid”

  1. lindsay says:

    Obama is such a pathetic loser. the sad thing is, he’s right. America just will NOT stand up to this worthless bast*rd. More and more of our rights are getting taken away and our great country keeps getting dragged down more and more by this clueless idiot, and what do we do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! what happened to our guts? we are a laughingstock the world over now because of this clown! our founding fathers-ya know, the men that actually FOUGHT and gave their blood to make America the greatest nation the world has ever seen, are turning in their graves!

  2. Lindsay, you do understand that this video is taken totally out of context, right? What language were they speaking and why aren’t we informed of what the conversation is even about?? Ive said similar things because I was a teacher in charge of a class or just beause “Thats the good thing about being an adult, I get to do whatever i want” (when you’re speaking to children).

    This video being posted like this is taken out of context and it is serving a biased purpose. NO PRESIDENT CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT!! Any and EVERY bill MUST pass both houses of Congress by a majority vote. Go educate yourself, those men are the one running this country, not Obama, this country was fucked years before he became president, and you really think that the men saying ya or nay on to anything the president wants to pass, they get no blame?? Some of those men have been in congress for the passed 30 years!! So how do you think things right now are obamas fault??

    no not the guys who have been in congress for the past 30 years, they had nothing to do with were we are. Please go educate yourself, america is corrupt from the ground up, and those same men love the ignorance that have written above because it keeps the attention off of them and on Obama, or whoever the current president is.

    The president is one person, congress is 500+. who do you think is really callin the shots for this country?

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