“The mainstream media, due to corporate interests, seems to be paralyzed and unable to just tell the truth. Bloggers are certainly not professional journalists, but we have one great advantage compared to mainstream journalists—We can think, write and promote without fear of going against the grain. ” – Unknown

This blog is intended to inform, entertain & spark thought. If this blog offends you in some form or fashion, I suggest you get over it. I’d like to think we are all mature enough to handle issues, topics & opinions that we might not necessarily agree with.



  • The Truth is our so called great country of “Amerika” is based on lies to deceive and manipulate its citizens, the very people who make up this country. for decades the government has molded us into exactly what they want us to be, a society based on materialistic image and judgments. Due to this judgmental society people are afraid to be themselves and are ridiculed and criticized to meet the “standards” set by the Entertainment industry and famous peoples of Hollywood. We as being the average people Aww at these modern day kings for the positions they hold above us, for what reasons me myself can not understand. Overpaid celebrities thrive on society worshiping them, average people wish they could have as much wealth and status as these “iconic” figures do. when realistically we know we will never live like these “modern day kings” do. While the average people struggle day to day, dollar to dollar just to survive. While these entertainers we worship have more than enough money it takes to survive. Now stop and think what these “modern day kings” would do with out our praise! We the people have the power its time we take control!

  • Anonymous says:

    So True. Couldn’t have said it better.

  • Wow!!! I like the way you think.

  • Tony D. says:

    Shit really is totally fucked up and I don’t see any non-violent way out of it. I think we as a nation are in for a wild ride on all levels.

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